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  • A Welcome from Zen Counseling & Consulting Services

    “Be fearlessly authentic” – Anonymous

    A Welcome from Zen Counseling & Consulting Services

    Hi, I’m Courtney and welcome to Zen Counseling and Consulting Services where peace of mind is a way of life. Are you experiencing distress due to suppressing your sexual and/or gender identity? Are you stuck in a perpetual cycle of depression and anxiety? Are you using drugs and/or alcohol to cope with life’s many stressors? Have scripture or religious beliefs been used to humiliate, manipulate or embarrass you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. I’m here to help. I’m an affirming psychotherapist that is committed to helping you find increased life satisfaction and achieve lasting change.   

    My specializations include:

    LGBTQ+ Resiliency

    LGBTQ+ individuals experience unique stressors such as discrimination, familial rejection, oppression and abuse. These stressors can lead to depression, anxiety, alcohol/drugs. Let’s work together to build a positive identity and embrace your most authentic self. 

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    Defeat Depression & Anxiety

    There are many causes of depression and anxiety. Although depression and anxiety can be complex, they can be managed. Together we can develop a plan to defeat depressive and anxious thoughts, overcome negative thinking, and manage stress. 

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    Conquer Addiction

    Have you been using alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with life’s stressors? Or maybe you’ve experienced some negative consequences as the result of alcohol and drug use? You have the power to change your life. Let’s collaborate on a plan to help you recover and start living. 

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    Heal Spiritually

    Have you experienced religious & spiritual abuse? Religious & spiritual abuse occurs when an individual and/or institution uses religion, scripture and/or beliefs to manipulate, embarrass, and humiliate you. These wounds can be inflicted by a religious leader, family members, or even a romantic partner. Together we can develop a path to healing and recover from it.

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    Racial/Cultural Identity


    Have you experienced anxiety or depression due to the effects of racial trauma? Has racial trauma impacted your ability to have relationships, concentrate on school or work, or feel safe? You are not alone. Together let’s process your experiences and heal the pain.

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