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  • Clinical Supervision & Consultation

    • Are you a newly graduated student seeking clinical supervision for state licensure?
    • Are you a professional counselor in private practice looking for ongoing professional support and learning?

    Whatever your reason for seeking supervision or consultation, I’m here to help.

    What is Clinical Supervision? Consultation?

    Clinical supervision provides an opportunity for mental health trainees to obtain oversight, education, and support from a more seasoned therapist. Clinical supervision also provides the opportunity to meet state specific requirements in order to obtain professional licensure. On the other hand, consultation is ongoing support from other mental health professionals to discuss difficult cases, sharpen skill sets, and encourage self-care. Let’s work together to get you the tools you need to be the best professional you can be.

    Is Clinical Supervision and/or Consultation right for you?

    There are several reasons people choose to seek out clinical supervision and/or consultation. Benefits of clinical supervision and/or consultation include:

    • Meet state requirements in order to obtain licensure
    • Learn and sharpen skills to work with a new client population
    • Decreased risk of burnout
    • Prevent biases & unhealthy transference

    How do you get started?

    Please contact me for your free confidential 15-minute consultation. Together we can determine how clinical supervision and consultation can meet your professional needs.